Quality care. Close to home.

Quality care. Close to home.
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Medical Clinics in Colorado

With a robust staff of health care providers, Southwest Health System is able to meet the needs of the Montezuma County community in a local setting. When you are sick or hurt, the last thing you want to do is drive a great distance to speak to a specialist. From a school-based health center that allows students to receive care in a friendly environment to a family birthing center that offers complete obstetric services, 24/7 anesthesia, epidurals, education, and resources for you to get started in raising a healthy baby, our professionals are dedicated to excellence and healthy living for all Colorado residents and visitors.

Our Specialties

We focus on recruiting highly qualified physicians and staffing our clinics and hospital with the best support staff to provide quality health care to our community. Through both preventative and multi-system trauma care, our team approach to treatment and healing shines through. You will find our doctors adept at handling the following:

Thorough whole-body treatment is available through our family medicine and pediatric facilities. Vaccination clinics are also accessible for parents and children preparing for school.

Emergency Services

Patients who have encountered an injury or fallen ill and require immediate care are triaged within our emergency services department located at Southwest Memorial Hospital. Our ambulances can provide transport for those in need, and walk-ins are welcomed. Here, radiology services, labs, assessments, and management are provided by a staff of licensed emergency medicine-trained physicians on a 24/7 basis.


To meet the needs of the most patients, Southwest Health System partners with a wide array of insurance providers. There are a variety of options for paying your bill, and financial assistance may be available. Our trained medical billing staff will work with you to make sure you understand charges and are being properly cared for by your insurance company.

Contact one of our community-based locations today to make an appointment. For financial services, please contact our location at 1311 N. Mildred Road.