New Patient Coordinator

New Patient Coordinator
March 7, 2016 Comments Off on New Patient Coordinator Uncategorized Com. Mgr.

New Patient Coordinator helps eliminate confusion.The New Patient Coordinator at Southwest Health System assists new patients by providing them with information regarding our specialty services and traveling physicians. The coordinator (located at 20 South Market Street in Cortez) is also the go-to for patients needing help with the patient portal.

Call our New Patient Coordinator (970-516-1616 Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm) and ask about:

  • detailed information on our providers and their services
  • help finding the best match based on patient needs
  • making appointments for new patients
  • help with finding primary care providers
  • providing a patient-centered approach to healthcare
  • necessary paperwork
  • details on the partnership with the Patient Experience Coordinator