Surgery and Surgical Care in Cortez, CO

Surgery and Surgical Care in Cortez, CO

General Surgery

General surgeon Dr. Kevin Matteson performs surgery at Southwest Health System and offers unique insights into the diagnosis, treatment, and care of a variety of diseases and ailments. Our staff is locally based. We hold the health and well-being of residents and visitors as a top priority. Surgery is performed at Southwest Memorial Hospital.

We collaborate with an extensive offering of insurance providers. Our financial assistance team is also available to help you understand your bill and determine the best payment plan that allows you to receive the care you require without great sacrifice. Financial assistance may also be available to many in need of health care who find themselves without the means necessary for treatment.

Surgeries Performed

Our skilled general surgeons are adept at performing surgeries for patients with ailments or injuries of the skin, breast, and other soft tissues, as well as the esophagus and thyroid gland. They also perform surgery on abdominal cavity including the stomach, bowels, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts. Therefore, our specialists work closely with the trauma staff in the emergency department as well as a variety of specialists in related fields.

heartburn GERD BarxxWe offer a new, effective treatment  for those who suffer from Barrett’s Esophagus called Barrx™ Radio Frequency Ablation, and Southwest Health System is the only facility within 7 hours of Cortez, Colorado who can perform the procedure. Heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux can all be precursors to more serious problems. Learn more now!



Dr. Kevin Matteson is Board Certified in general surgery. Learn more about Dr. Matteson and read reviews at

Dr Matteson

Kevin Matteson, MD

Southwest Medical Group, General Surgery

111 N. Park Street, Suite 2
Cortez CO

Board Certified, General Surgery
Medical School: Southern Illinois University, 1990
Residency: Southern Illinois University, 1995