Contact Southwest Health System

Contact Southwest Health System

Southwest Health System
1311 N Mildred Rd.
Cortez, CO 81321
(970) 565-6666

Please visit this page for a directory of our clinics and providers.



Hospital Hours of Operation

Saturday–Sunday: Closed

Emergency services are provided 24-7.

Other clinics and providers may keep different hours. Please contact them for scheduling questions.

Our easy-to-use online Hospital Portal or Clinic (SMG) Portal allows patients to ask questions or pay fees and bills.

Questions and Concerns

We are here to answers to your questions regarding:

Department Directors

Accounting Director
Audrey Sanders

Chief Ambulatory Services Officer
Ken Boucher

Chief Financial Officer
Angela Kobel

Chief Nursing Officer
Karen Pasquin

Clinical Laboratory Services Director
David Davis

Diagnostic Imaging
Wendell Heck, RT(R)MR

Emergency Department Director
Pat Speers

Health Information Management & Clinical Informatics

Inpatient Services Director
Janet Knisley, RN

Marketing and Community Relations Director
Haley Leonard

Materials Management
Tomas Parker

Medical Staff Services
Michelle Zachary, CPCS

Dave Mortensen, R.Ph.

Plant Operations • Safety Officer
Dave McVicker

Rehabilitation Services
Jodi Harris, PT, WCC, CWS

Southwest Memorial Hospital Foundation Director
Susan Thomas