Contact Southwest Health System Financial Assistance team if you have questions or need assistance with your healthcare payments.

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Southwest Health System will collect co-pays, Co-Insurance, deductibles and outstanding balances at time of service effective October 1st 2017. We’re here to help. Contact our Financial Assistance team if you have questions or need assistance with your healthcare payments. 970.565.6666

Construction Updates

Construction is underway at Southwest Health System!

Stay tuned here for the latest newsletter and updates to the construction progress.


Parking Map

We are currently constructing a new EMS station, inpatient wing and medical office building on our campus at 1311 N. Mildred Road in Cortez, Colorado. Construction crews are onsite from 7am-5pm on weekdays. Parking is located in two lots in the north-west corner of our campus. If you need assistance, call our main desk at 970-565-6666 to ask for assistance from guest services.


The Department of Local Affairs granted $2 million to the healthcare facility building project. These funds are generated from the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF). According to DOLA, their intent in administering this grant program “is to do as outlined in statute and promote sustainable community development, increase livability and resilience of communities through strategic investments in asset-building activities.” The Montezuma County Hospital District Board Chairman Brad Wayt, received notice of a grant award in the amount of $2 million from the executive director, Irv Halter, of the Department of Local Affairs. The grant was awarded based on a variety of factors such as its connection to energy impact, degree of need, measurable outcomes, amount of request, relationship to community goals, level of local match, community support, and management capacity. Nunn Construction of Colorado Springs serves as the construction manager, Davis Partnership Architects and Matocha Associates are the architects for the project.

Ballot initiative 5A passed on November 3, 2015 allowing MCHD to collect 4 cents on every $10 of non-exempt purchases in Montezuma County, beginning in 2016 for a total of 15 years.

SHS Construction Update 11-21-16

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