Cardiac Rehabilitation: 970-564-2293

Cardiac Rehabilitation: 970-564-2293

Outpatient Cardiovascular Wellness (Cardiac Rehab) offers cardiac, pulmonary, and wellness services to the community.

Phase II Cardiac Rehab is beneficial for individuals who have suffered a heart attack or have undergone procedures such as angioplasty, stint placement, or coronary artery bypass surgery.

Rehab helps patients recover more quickly, increases mobility and range of motion, improves heart function and efficiency, and prevents future heart problems through a supervised exercise program. This phase of cardiac rehab is closely monitored in a safe and therapeutic environment.

Pulmonary Rehab is beneficial for individuals with COPD, emphysema, or other lung disorders to increase the efficiency of the heart and lungs through cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

Cardiac Rehab is also available to individuals who would like to lose weight, lower blood pressure, and increase cardiovascular fitness and strength to avoid future health problems.

Call the Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation department directly at 970-564-2293.